Physically the energy system unit emits a voltage software output which will test the bodies response. The Asyra Bioresonance screen runs through a data base of items to find out in the here and now what changes you would benefit from making. The screening is comfortable to do and results are with you within ten minutes. If required you may be given a Personal Asyra Remedy. The energetic remedy will help to adjust the imbalances

Energetic Nutrition makes use of the latest and most advanced natural health technology using the Asyra Pro (a bio-energetic screening device) to fully analyse the health status of the body.

History and development
Bio-energetic screening devices have been in rapid development since the 1950s. Based on the established principles of traditional Chinese medicine the Asyra Pro takes advantage of the newest technology to analyse disturbances in the energy channels of the body (meridians). An early pioneer Reinhold Voll recognised the importance of measuring the skins electrical response at specific points of the body (acupoints) and was able to successfully integrate this into health screenings. As energetic disturbances are found to precede any structural damage, early detection of problem areas is possible and herein lies the power of bio-energetic testing. There have been many research studies carried out on this method of testing and it is becoming widely accepted as an accurate and reliable tool.

Recently launched the Asyra Pro is the most advanced technology in the field of energy medicine, and it is the first bio-energetic health screening system in the world to have its hardware and software approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Clinical acceptance of Energy Medicine is growing at a fast rate and its results are backed by scientifically documented research. Many of the leading health consultants around the world are recognising and acknowledging its significance and seeing first hand the benefits this safe and natural therapy has to offer.

Test library
The Asyra Pro has an extensive and comprehensive test library which is integrated with the internet. This enables the latest developments to be continually downloaded and at the same time it assists the ongoing professional development of the practitioner.

The wide range of tests available include:

• Energetic assessment of over 40 major organs in the body

• Food intolerance and sensitivities

• Weight loss evaluation

• Heavy metal toxicity

• Mineral and vitamin deficiencies

• Metabolic disorders

• Digestive maladies

• Hormone profile

• Sleep disturbance

• Environmental allergens

• Vertebral / muscular / skeletal profile

• Fungal, bacterial and viral influences

Testing is pain free and non-invasive and through the utilisation of special filters can be performed in less than 3 minutes. Additionally as the Asyra Pro does not use probes this eliminates any practitioner bias. Following the screening process a unique, detailed and comprehensive report is produced. During the consultation process this is analysed and explained by the practitioner and it provides the basis for the recommended treatment plan.

Frequently, conventional medicine takes a suppressive approach recommending harsh treatments and drugs which are often not effective. Energy medicine on the other hand aims to identify the underlying health issues at source and devises a treatment accordingly. By supporting and enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms a natural rebalance takes place.

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