Prior to the initial consultation you will be sent a 3-day food diary to complete. The initial consultation will be a thorough assessment of your current health including previous medical history and family history.  We will discuss your needs, goals and circumstances.

An individual nutritional plan, supplements and lifestyle suggesions will be provided at the end of the consultation or  will be emailed.

Non-invasive bio-energetic screening tests with Asyra Pro will be run to determine any underlying causes of body system imbalances.


Follow up consultations normally take place 4-6 weeks after to review your progress (weight loss clients can be more frequent).



  • Initial consultation and nutritional plan (1,5 hour)  £115
  • Follow up consultation (45-60 mins) £95
  • Skype/telephone follow up (45-60 mins) £115
  • Children (1 hour) £115


All appointments are subject to 24hr cancellation policy


Consultations take place in NW7 and can also be arranged in your home or office depending on your location

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